Kiwi Kraze

Developer: Taito     Publisher: Taito     Released: 1991    Genre: Platformer I admit for the longest time New Zealand Story was a giant blind spot in my video game history. For years I have seen articles and reviews about it for nearly every platform. Retro Gamer magazine has extolled its virtues many times yet I still avoided […]

Conan: the Mysteries of Time

Developer: System 3 Software     Publisher: Mindscape     Released: February 1991     Genre: Action I loved the Conan comics growing up, even if my older brothers only bought them sporadically.  I even liked the cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 80s.  Yet despite my love for the character I could never bring myself to buy the NES game.  […]


Developer: Infogrames     Publisher: Kemco/Seika     Released: 1991     Genre: RPG It was an unwritten law that RPGs were usually the last genre to release for a new platform. By their very nature role playing games take longer to develop and even then the first ones for any new system are usually terrible. Drakkhen isn’t quite […]

Super Star Soldier

Developer: Inter State Co.     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1991     Genre: Shooter I was not a fan of the original Star Soldier.  I’ll admit that it was probably due to timing; I played it years after its initial release.  But even that isn’t completely true.  For a game released in 1986 Star Soldier was an incredibly repetitive […]

Air Buster

Developer: Kaneko    Publisher: Kaneko    Released: 1991    Genre: Shooter Aero Blasters is one of my favorite Turbo Grafx-16 games. At a time where I had few games for the system it was a bright spot. It would be years later that I learned that it was a port of an arcade game and […]

Arcus Odyssey

Developer: Wolf Team  Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1991    Genre: Action Gauntlet was a phenomenon in the arcade. As one of the first four-player arcade games the ability to team up with three friends and go on a grand adventure was compelling. And grand it was; with one hundred levels few ever came close to seeing […]

1941: Counter Attack

Developer: Capcom    Publisher: Hudson Soft    Released: August 23, 1991    Genre: Shooter I like Capcom’s 19XX series of shooters but can freely admit they did not have the best start.  1942 was decent for its time if a bit simple.  Most will remember it for its dreadful NES port which ranks among the worst […]


Developer: Cream    Publisher: Asmik    Released: December 1991     Genre: Shooter There is something to be said about trusting your gut.  During a time where most gamers relied on the back of the box to decide their gaming purchases that still wasn’t enough to convince me to buy D-Force.  I couldn’t place it but something about […]



Developer: Rare     Publisher: Tradewest     Released: 1991     Genre: Beat em up It is hard for younger gamers to imagine now but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were worldwide phenomenon at one point, with merchandise in every category around the globe.  I freely admit to being caught up in the mania at the time and remember it […]


Developer: Taito     Publisher: Taito     Released: 1991     Genre: Shooter Darius never particularly wowed me, even with its impressive triple screen playing field.  That isn’t to say I thought it was bad; it simply didn’t stand out during the peak of the genre.  But I did think its multiple screen setup was cool.  One could even say […]