Kaze Kiri: Ninja Action

Developer: Naxat Soft    Publisher: Naxat Soft    Released: April 28, 1994     Genre: Action While the Turbo Grafx-16 suffered from a dearth of action games in the West in Japan it had a robust library in the genre, especially with the CD-add on. Next to the Saturn it is the system I wish were more […]

Neutopia II

Developer: Hudson Soft     Publisher: Hudson Soft     Released: 1992     Genre: Action Rpg Neutopia was a breath of fresh air for Turbo Grafx fans looking for an RPG of some sort early on. Granted its RPG elements were slight but still. While the game was a blatant Zelda clone it was enjoyable despite being so […]

Soldier Blade

Developer: Hudson Soft     Publisher: TTI     Released: September 1992     Genre: Shooter To be honest I am amazed I like the soldier series as much as I do. I played Star Soldier on the NES early on and did not think much of it. Star Soldier was bare bones next to Gradius and could not compete […]

Super Star Soldier

Developer: Inter State Co.     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1991     Genre: Shooter I was not a fan of the original Star Soldier.  I’ll admit that it was probably due to timing; I played it years after its initial release.  But even that isn’t completely true.  For a game released in 1986 Star Soldier was an incredibly repetitive […]

Space Harrier

Developer: NEC     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990    Genre: Action Space Harrier was insanely popular in the arcade in the 80s. It is easy to see why, with its fancy Super Scaler tech and art direction. While it was common for popular arcade games to receive home ports Space Harrier was an interesting case. […]

Dragon Spirit

Developer: Namco     Publisher NEC     Released: November 1989     Genre: Shooter Dragon’s Spirit is one of the earliest arcade games I ever played which is partly why I’m so fond of it.  The game is also good to boot so it isn’t a case of rose tinted glasses.  I enjoyed many a NES port of arcade classics […]

Dungeon Explorer

Developer: Atlus     Publisher: NEC     Released: September 1989    Genre: Action RPG The Turbo Grafx-16 released right when my love affair with RPGs began.  Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star all came out within the same time frame and I was hooked and looked for more. Sadly the Turbo Grafx was not the place to look […]

1941: Counter Attack

Developer: Capcom    Publisher: Hudson Soft    Released: August 23, 1991    Genre: Shooter I like Capcom’s 19XX series of shooters but can freely admit they did not have the best start.  1942 was decent for its time if a bit simple.  Most will remember it for its dreadful NES port which ranks among the worst […]

China Warrior

Developer: Hudson     Publisher: NEC    Released: October 1989     Genre: Beat ’em up China Warrior is a piss poor game and one of the worst in the Turbo Grafx-16 library.  But you would not know that based on its marketing. When the system was first brought overseas NEC went hard in their marketing. China Warrior was compared […]