Road Avenger 002

Road Avenger

Developer: Data East     Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1992     Genre: Action Laserdisc arcade games were always fascinating to watch. The gorgeous animation and sheer spectacle on display were unlike anything else at the time and seemed a generation ahead of what we had at home. Of course once you learn how the games were built some […]

Arcus Odyssey

Developer: Wolf Team  Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1991    Genre: Action Gauntlet was a phenomenon in the arcade. As one of the first four-player arcade games the ability to team up with three friends and go on a grand adventure was compelling. And grand it was; with one hundred levels few ever came close to seeing […]

Earnest Evans

Developer: Wolf Team      Publisher: Renovation      Released: 1992      Genre: Action      Platform: Genesis Earnest Evans is a bad game that you should avoid at all costs.  Yet even though I acknowledge this is not a good game, why does it make me so mad?  Because I can see the makings of a solid action game […]

Final Zone

I miss Renovation games.  I realize their output on the Genesis was hit or miss but I’ll be damned if most of it wasn’t interesting.  The Valis series was a guilty pleasure.  Some were good, some were bad but I liked them.  But for every good game there was a bad one.  Earnest Evans was […]

Whip Rush

Whip Rush was one of the earliest shooters I ever played for the Genesis.  After the awesome Thunder Force 2 and the mediocre Arrow Flash I was ready for something different.  Unfortunately I would not find that here.  Despite its best intentions Whip Rush can’t avoid its similarities to Irem’s classic series.  Now if only […]


Sol-Deace is an odd little title.  Originally it was a pack-in title with the Sega CD, giving that system a nice little boost.  As a shooter it was solid; outside of its redbook audio soundtrack and intro it made little use of the Sega CD’s capabilities.  But that is okay, a good game is a […]

Psycho Dream

I remember being severely disappointed when Renovation cancelled all of their American Super Nintendo games.  I wasn’t aware of the reason why (Sega) but I was looking forward to all of their titles for a variety of reasons.  The Journey Home, Arcus Spirits, and Psycho Dream were all complete, with some seeing reviews in numerous […]

El Viento

Renovation were one of the Sega Genesis’ best early supporters with a range of titles spanning every genre. Some like the Valis series managed to achieve some level of popularity. Others like Gaiares and Arcus Odyssey are cool hidden gems. And then there are the ones like Traysia that are best left forgotten. El Viento […]

Gaiares 001


The Sega Genesis diverse lineup of shooters is both a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand there are some truly awful games in there as you would expect.  But on the other some of the most brilliant games in the genre were released for this system.  Unfortunately, that also means many amazing titles […]

Final Zone II

As I’ve delved into the PC Engine CD library I’ve gained a new appreciation for the system.  I wasn’t able to own one back in the day; at $399 for just the add-on I would have had to pull a knife on my parents for it.  But now the games are cheap and worth exploring.  […]