Developer: Hot-B    Publisher: Sage’s Creation     Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter For as much as we craved arcade perfection back in the day it was still pretty interesting to see what changes would be made whenever a game was ported from the arcade.  Most arcade ports to the 2600 were absolute disasters; anyone who […]

Heavy Unit

Developer: Toho     Publisher: Kaneko    Released: December 26, 1990     Genre: Shooter It really is amazing just how many shooters were released for the Genesis early on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; the system’s fast processor made porting the latest arcade titles easy. It also doesn’t hurt that shooters in general aren’t as complex […]

Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Developer: Capcom    Publisher: Capcom    Released: 1990    Genre: Platformer Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is an unusual release.  As essentially an advertisement for the Disney World theme parks it should be awful.  Who wants to play a video game about a theme park when they could actually go there in person? Me, that’s who.  […]

Atomic Robo-Kid

Developer: UPL Co., Ltd.    Publisher: Treco    Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter I enjoy a good shooter. Since the Atari 2600 days the genre has been one of my favorites. Up until bullet hell took over I still enjoyed them. But even I have my limits. Atomic Robo-Kid was an early arcade port that […]

Thunder Force III

Developer: Technosoft     Publisher: Technosoft     Released: 1990     Genre: Shooter The Sega Genesis had a small but varied launch lineup. While everyone was fawning over Altered Beast Thunder Force II was the star of the lineup in my opinion. It was an excellent port of the Japanese PC version and a solid game all around. […]

Punisher 001

The Punisher (NES)

Developer: Beam Software    Publisher: LJN     Released: November 1990     Genre: Rail Shooter We are currently living in a renaissance period where not only are comic book movies being released regularly but they are actually pretty damn good.  The video game adaptations are not as consistent though. We are finally getting there but it wasn’t always […]

James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing

Developer: Taito    Publisher: Sega    Released: 1990     Genre: Sports Ah Sega, you crude bastards. It is no small exaggeration to say that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is still the most popular boxing game of all time. Nintendo absolutely nailed the game’s mechanics and its colorful cast of characters made it instantly memorable and endearing. One can easily […]


Developer: Hudson     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990     Genre: Action RPG One cannot deny the influence that the Legend of Zelda has had throughout gaming in its many incarnation.  From its puzzle design and structure the series has constantly pioneered features that would become staples in every game thereafter.  So it makes sense that when NEC entered […]

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Developer: NEC Avenue     Publisher: NEC Avenue     Released: July 27, 1990     Genre: Platformer The Turbo Grafx-16, much like the Genesis, was home to many arcade ports.  Many of these were arcade perfect or close.  But by 1991 the system was showing its age.  The Supergrafx was NEC’s answer to this problem.  Unfortunately it […]

Burning Force 001

Burning Force

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1990     Genre: Rail Shooter Space Harrier made a big splash in the arcade with its fancy scaling graphics and riveting gameplay.  Yet it did not spawn as many imitators as you would expect, at least in the US.  In Japan there were countless titles that were, *ahem*, inspired by […]