Developer: Zoom     Publisher: Kemco     Released: 1992     Genre: Shooter Whenever Phalanx is brought up in conversation it is always in regard to its box art.  And that’s with good reason.  It is no exaggeration to say that it has one of the top ten worst covers of all time.  It’s up there with Karnaaj Rally, […]


Developer: Irem     Publisher: ASCII Entertainment     Released: February 28, 1998     Genre: Shooter R-Type is one of the seminal shooters of the 80s and its influence is up there with Gradius in my opinion. As with any popular arcade game of the time it was ported to nearly every format that could handle it, with varying degrees […]

Soldier Blade

Developer: Hudson Soft     Publisher: TTI     Released: September 1992     Genre: Shooter To be honest I am amazed I like the soldier series as much as I do. I played Star Soldier on the NES early on and did not think much of it. Star Soldier was bare bones next to Gradius and could not compete […]


Developer: Hot-B    Publisher: Sage’s Creation     Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter For as much as we craved arcade perfection back in the day it was still pretty interesting to see what changes would be made whenever a game was ported from the arcade.  Most arcade ports to the 2600 were absolute disasters; anyone who […]

Heavy Unit

Developer: Toho     Publisher: Kaneko    Released: December 26, 1990     Genre: Shooter It really is amazing just how many shooters were released for the Genesis early on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; the system’s fast processor made porting the latest arcade titles easy. It also doesn’t hurt that shooters in general aren’t as complex […]

Super Star Soldier

Developer: Inter State Co.     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1991     Genre: Shooter I was not a fan of the original Star Soldier.  I’ll admit that it was probably due to timing; I played it years after its initial release.  But even that isn’t completely true.  For a game released in 1986 Star Soldier was an incredibly repetitive […]

Atomic Robo-Kid

Developer: UPL Co., Ltd.    Publisher: Treco    Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter I enjoy a good shooter. Since the Atari 2600 days the genre has been one of my favorites. Up until bullet hell took over I still enjoyed them. But even I have my limits. Atomic Robo-Kid was an early arcade port that […]

Air Buster

Developer: Kaneko    Publisher: Kaneko    Released: 1991    Genre: Shooter Aero Blasters is one of my favorite Turbo Grafx-16 games. At a time where I had few games for the system it was a bright spot. It would be years later that I learned that it was a port of an arcade game and […]

Dragon Spirit

Developer: Namco     Publisher NEC     Released: November 1989     Genre: Shooter Dragon’s Spirit is one of the earliest arcade games I ever played which is partly why I’m so fond of it.  The game is also good to boot so it isn’t a case of rose tinted glasses.  I enjoyed many a NES port of arcade classics […]

Gyruss 001


Gyruss was a favorite of mine in the arcade back in the 80s. After playing the likes of Gradius and Space Invaders it was a nice change of pace in terms of its viewpoint and mechanics. Of course the younger version of me could never hope to finish the game on one quarter but it […]