Metal Force

Developer: Open Corp.    Publisher: Daou Infosys    Released: May 1994    Genre: Action I don’t know when I became aware of bootleg/unlicensed video games but it was when I was very young. We always knew there was something off about the Tengen NES titles that came on black cartridges. But it really came to […]

The Guardian Legend

Developer: Compile     Publisher: Broderbund     Released: April 1989     Genre: Action I am sure like legions of children growing up I was not the only one that looked forward to Christmas morning. The promise of a new game was unlike anything in the world and you prayed you got something awesome. I remember Christmas of 1990 like […]

Adventures of Lolo

Developer: Hal Laboratory    Publisher: Hal America    Released: 1989    Genre: Puzzle I miss the HAL Labs of the 8 and 16-bit days. Don’t get me wrong they are still a great developer but the diversity in their output is what is lacking these days. They could do it all; RPGs like Arcana, action platformers […]

Kiwi Kraze

Developer: Taito     Publisher: Taito     Released: 1991    Genre: Platformer I admit for the longest time New Zealand Story was a giant blind spot in my video game history. For years I have seen articles and reviews about it for nearly every platform. Retro Gamer magazine has extolled its virtues many times yet I still avoided […]


Developer: Free Fall Associates    Publisher: Activision    Released: 1989    Genre: Action/Strategy Growing up everyone in my immediate circle loved Chess. I learned the rules but was never a fan; Checkers was more my speed. I liked the rapid fire pace of eating pieces at nearly every turn rather than strategically planning to trap […]


Developer: Team Shinobi    Publisher: Tengen     Released: 1989    Genre: Action Shinobi is a great arcade game that drained quarters around the world. I loved it even though I lost plenty of money to its ridiculous difficulty. But it was a Sega game and even back then I knew, Sega and Nintendo don’t mix. Or […]

Conan: the Mysteries of Time

Developer: System 3 Software     Publisher: Mindscape     Released: February 1991     Genre: Action I loved the Conan comics growing up, even if my older brothers only bought them sporadically.  I even liked the cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 80s.  Yet despite my love for the character I could never bring myself to buy the NES game.  […]

Air Fortress 001

Air Fortress

Developer: HAL Laboratory Inc.     Publisher: HAL America Inc.     Released:     Genre: Action You have to appreciate old video game marketing. Against all odds Air Fortress received a decent amount of marketing, surprising for such a low key release. The commercials painted the game as an action packed extravaganza that you needed to buy now. Anyone who […]

The Wing of Madoola

Developer: Sunsoft    Publisher: Sunsoft    Released: December 12, 1986    Genre: Adventure It’s interesting to look back and examine the evolution of certain genres. With the advent of home consoles games began to offer deeper experiences in addition to quick arcade action.  The Legend of Zelda and others of its ilk showed that a sprawling […]