Dragon’s Lair

Developer: Epicenter Interactive     Publisher: Readysoft     Released: 1993     Genre: FMV The Sega CD will go down in history as one of the biggest missed opportunities of all time. Aside from its use of CD and the massive storage that it brought the Sega CD added a pretty impressive array of scaling effects to the Genesis. With […]

Kiwi Kraze

Developer: Taito     Publisher: Taito     Released: 1991    Genre: Platformer I admit for the longest time New Zealand Story was a giant blind spot in my video game history. For years I have seen articles and reviews about it for nearly every platform. Retro Gamer magazine has extolled its virtues many times yet I still avoided […]


Developer: Team Shinobi    Publisher: Tengen     Released: 1989    Genre: Action Shinobi is a great arcade game that drained quarters around the world. I loved it even though I lost plenty of money to its ridiculous difficulty. But it was a Sega game and even back then I knew, Sega and Nintendo don’t mix. Or […]

Heavy Unit

Developer: Toho     Publisher: Kaneko    Released: December 26, 1990     Genre: Shooter It really is amazing just how many shooters were released for the Genesis early on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; the system’s fast processor made porting the latest arcade titles easy. It also doesn’t hurt that shooters in general aren’t as complex […]

Road Avenger 002

Road Avenger

Developer: Data East     Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1992     Genre: Action Laserdisc arcade games were always fascinating to watch. The gorgeous animation and sheer spectacle on display were unlike anything else at the time and seemed a generation ahead of what we had at home. Of course once you learn how the games were built some […]

Atomic Robo-Kid

Developer: UPL Co., Ltd.    Publisher: Treco    Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter I enjoy a good shooter. Since the Atari 2600 days the genre has been one of my favorites. Up until bullet hell took over I still enjoyed them. But even I have my limits. Atomic Robo-Kid was an early arcade port that […]

Space Harrier

Developer: NEC     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990    Genre: Action Space Harrier was insanely popular in the arcade in the 80s. It is easy to see why, with its fancy Super Scaler tech and art direction. While it was common for popular arcade games to receive home ports Space Harrier was an interesting case. […]

Air Buster

Developer: Kaneko    Publisher: Kaneko    Released: 1991    Genre: Shooter Aero Blasters is one of my favorite Turbo Grafx-16 games. At a time where I had few games for the system it was a bright spot. It would be years later that I learned that it was a port of an arcade game and […]

Blades of Steel

Developer: Konami     Publisher: Konami     Released: 1988     Genre: Sports Believe it or not Blades of Steel was my introduction to Hockey. Growing up Hockey was not really shown on local television like the NFL or NBA so it always seemed like some foreign sport. Konami’s arcade classic brought the right blend of arcade gameplay with […]

Gyruss 001


Gyruss was a favorite of mine in the arcade back in the 80s. After playing the likes of Gradius and Space Invaders it was a nice change of pace in terms of its viewpoint and mechanics. Of course the younger version of me could never hope to finish the game on one quarter but it […]