Blades of Steel

Developer: Konami     Publisher: Konami     Released: 1988     Genre: Sports Believe it or not Blades of Steel was my introduction to Hockey. Growing up Hockey was not really shown on local television like the NFL or NBA so it always seemed like some foreign sport. Konami’s arcade classic brought the right blend of arcade gameplay with […]

Gyruss 001


Gyruss was a favorite of mine in the arcade back in the 80s. After playing the likes of Gradius and Space Invaders it was a nice change of pace in terms of its viewpoint and mechanics. Of course the younger version of me could never hope to finish the game on one quarter but it […]

Silent Hill

Developer: Team Silent    Publisher: Konami    Released: January 31, 1999    Genre: Survival Horror Resident Evil did not make an immediate splash but when it caught on it basically established the framework of the survival horror genre. Legions of titles would follow but few tried to do their own thing. Konami’s Silent Hill not only went in […]

Top Gun

Developer: Konami     Publisher: Konami     Released: 1987     Genre: Action I’ve always liked the idea of flight simulators more than the reality of playing one.  Growing up I read the Electronics Boutique catalog and their description of games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Falcon+ made them seem like the most incredible games in the world.  But PCs […]


Developer: Konami     Publisher: Konami     Released: 1987     Genre: Shooter It can’t be stated just how creatively on fire Konami were with their NES shooters.  Gradius revolutionized the genre and influenced legions of shooters to come.  It was so good in fact that even a parody of the series turned out excellent.  Sadly Parodius didn’t reach […]

Mission Impossible

Konami were one of the few NES publishers whose output I would buy sight unseen.  I even bought their sports games and I’m not even into the genre.  That being said their later output flew under my radar as my attention was on the SNES and Sega Genesis.  Games like Bucky O’Hare and TMNT III […]


Of all the mascot platformers released during the 16-bit era Rocket Knight Adventures was easily one of the best.  It was both original and insanely fun, with its fantastic level design and stellar production values.  Konami would follow it up with two sequels a year later, one for both the Genesis and SNES.  While both […]


Konami picked up some very obscure and strange licenses toward the end of their NES run.  Bucky O’Hare might have been an obscure comic book and cartoon but made perfect sense for a video game.  More people are familiar with the Lone Ranger but I certainly never expected Konami to do the honors.  But we […]

Track & Field II

There are few games that have frustrated me as much as Track & Field II.  I absolutely adored the original Track & Field despite its simplicity because it was easy to pick up and play.  At its core it was an old game, as the NES port was an amalgamation of two older arcade games […]