The Wing of Madoola

Developer: Sunsoft    Publisher: Sunsoft    Released: December 12, 1986    Genre: Adventure It’s interesting to look back and examine the evolution of certain genres. With the advent of home consoles games began to offer deeper experiences in addition to quick arcade action.  The Legend of Zelda and others of its ilk showed that a sprawling […]

Pokemon Snap

Developer: Hal Laboratory    Publisher: Nintendo     Released: June 30, 1999    Genre: Rail Shooter The various Pokemon spinoffs that Nintendo and Game Freak have released over the years have been interesting to say the least. As someone who liked the Gameboy games I did not find Pokemon Stadium very interesting. Sure it was nice to […]

Die Hard Arcade

Developer: Sega AM1     Publisher: Sega     Released: March 1997     Genre: Action The advent of 3d brought many innovations to existing genres. Some like the 2d platformer even evolved, one could even say for the better. But in the march of progress some genres were left behind. I will always lament the loss of the side scrolling […]

Top Gear Rally

Developer: Boss Game Studios    Publisher: Kemco    Released: October 1, 1997    Genre: Racing Top Gear Rally was one of the first Nintendo 64 games announced. When it was finally shown off the first look were beautiful SGI workstation renders. But to those of us who were still teenagers and did not know better we thought that […]

Chameleon Twist

Developer: Japan System Supply    Publisher: Sunsoft     Released: November 3, 1997     Genre: 3d Platformer When the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 hit their impact on gaming could be felt. Mario 64 was an example of how to do 3d games right and the platformers that followed in its wake were an example of that. […]

Gunple 001

Gunple – Gunman’s Proof

Developer: Lenar     Publisher: ASCII     Released: January 31, 1997     Genre: Action-Adventure The Legend of Zelda series had already been considered a classic in the eyes of many gamers back in the 90s.  And If not A Link to the Past definitely cemented that reputation.  With that in mind it is odd that there were so […]

Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini

Developer: Titus     Publisher: Titus     Released: November 30, 1997     Genre: Racing     Platform: N64 I like racing games as much as the next man but the N64 became oversaturated in year one and only grew worse.  Was it really that easy to create racing games at the time?  I wouldn’t be so harsh if so many during […]

Bomberman 64

The Bomberman series has always been hailed as great because of its raucous multiplayer.  But while the multiplayer antics have kept it in high esteem the single player has been comparatively weak.  Oh there have been entries that have been mildly interesting.  But if you didn’t have a regular group of friends to play the […]

Mario Kart 64

Developer: Nintendo EAD     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: February 12, 1997     Genre: Racing The Nintendo 64’s early months were rough.  After a record setting Christmas the reality of the system’s anemic release schedule hit early adopters.  Aside from March 1997 you were getting one new release a month.  If you had no interest in that month’s game […]

Hercules 001

Disney’s Hercules

It’s hard to believe now but once upon a time some of the brightest creators in the video game industry devoted their time to making some of the best licensed games around.  Disney games in particular were so amazing they regularly competed for game of the year.  It also helped that the movies they released […]