Shinobi Legions

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Vik Tokai     Released: 1995     Genre: Action Shinobi III is one of the greatest action games of the 16-bit era. Sega practically mastered the genre with that game and even to this day I still revisit it often. All they had to do to continue that streak in the 32-bit era was take […]

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

Developer: Tecmo     Publisher: Tecmo     Released: 1995     Genre: Action Ninja Gaiden was a seminal part of my childhood. The amount of hours I spent trying to defeat the Jaquio is practically legendary. The years spent working on beating the game made my eventual victory all the more satisfying. It also made me actively seek out its […]

Clockwork Knight 2

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1995     Genre: Platformer Clockwork Knight was a charming game that had an interesting premise that was let down by its rudimentary gameplay. But at the very least it did give new Saturn owners another title that showed off the hardware. Sega were ambitious with the title to the point they […]


Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Psygnosis     Released: November 21, 1995     Genre: Racing     Platform: PlayStation When Sony entered the console market many were skeptical.  If you were around during their publishing days you’ll remember a slew or terrible licensed titles such as the Last Action Hero and Cliffhanger.  Sure every now and again they published a gem […]

Skeleton Krew

Developer: Core Design      Publisher: Core Design      Released: 1995      Genre: Action      Platform: Genesis There is something to be said about managing expectations.  Whenever we look forward to a new video game the mind races at the possibilities.  I read an absolutely glowing review of Skeleton Krew in Gamefan and expected to be blown away.  After all […]


Developer: Sonic Team      Publisher: Sega      Released: February 16, 1995      Genre: Platformer      Platform: Genesis, PC I love the period toward the end of a console’s life.  With years of experience under their belt developers have crafted some truly exceptional, hardware defying titles that are among the best ever made.  Games like God of War 2, Resident […]

Rendering Ranger R2

Rendering Ranger R2 is one of the most incredible games of the 16-bit era and you’ve never heard of it.  There are a number of reasons for that.  It never left Japan, unfortunately.  It had a small print run, making it one of the rarest games for the system.  And finally its price, the game […]

Mickey to Donald: Magical Quest 3

Capcom’s Magical Quest series was one of the biggest surprises of the 16-bit era for me.  I suppose I should have expected greatness coming off the back of their 8-bit output.  But even with that in mind their creativity and polish rivaled some of the best games of that period.  The second game suffered a […]

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

In the mid-90s Spawn was one of the most popular comics on the market.  It consistently ranked among the top10 Diamond Comics best sellers list for years.  In my opinion Spawn managed to hold on to its popularity longer than its Image comics contemporaries thanks to smart brand management from Todd McFarlane.  Naturally aside from […]


Heading into the 32-bit generation the future looked bright.  The 2d platformer had been perfected, with some of the best games of all time released at the tail end of the 16-bit era.  I’m sure many like myself thought we would get more games like Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country 2, except prettier.  But […]