The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers

Developer: Electronic Arts     Publisher: Electronic Arts     Released: 2002     Genre: Action When the Lord of the Rings films hit it was only a matter of time before licensed titles would follow.  But I’m pretty sure most expected an epic adventure game along the lines of Zelda or Legacy of Kain.  No one thought Electronic […]

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash has one of the biggest mixed receptions of all time.  Either you love it or hate it.  Trying to bring new ideas to the racing genre is hard, especially for kart racers.  You’re driving around in a circle, how much more do you need?  Nintendo brought some interesting ideas to the […]

Star Fox Assault

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: February 14, 2005     Genre: Rail Shooter Star Fox Assault should have been one of the easiest home runs possible.  Star Fox 64 remains one of the best rail shooters of all time.  And with Namco and the Ace Combat team at the helm of the follow-up you can blame anyone […]

Ikaruga 071


Developer: Treasure     Publisher: Atari     Released: April 14, 2003     Genre: Shooter I’ve always admired developer Treasure’s ability to inject new mechanics into well-worn genres.  Guardian Heroes was the natural evolution of the beat em up with its branching paths and multiple endings.  Silhouette Mirage added a light/dark mechanic that was tricky at first but incredibly fun […]

Luigi’s Mansion

Developer: Nintendo EAD    Publisher: Nintendo     Released: November 18, 2001     Genre: Action In 2001 the thought of a Nintendo system launching without a Mario game was ludicrous.  After all, every prior system either had a Mario title packed in or releasing alongside it to great results.  Yet the GameCube did just that.  Sort of.  While […]

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Developer: PS2-Snowblind Studios GC-High Voltage Software    Publisher: Interplay    Released: PS2-2001, GC-2002    Genre: Action RPG Baldur’s Gate is a revered name computer RPG fans. It came at the perfect time to restore life to the Crpg, won many awards and established BioWare as a name to follow. I freely admit that I discovered it years too […]

Eternal Darkness – Sanity’s Requiem

Developer: Silicon Knights     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: June 24, 2002     Genre: Action As a Nintendo 64 owner until the very end I looked forward to Eternal Darkness almost as much as Zelda.  As one of the proposed last N64 games it was ambitious as hell and the glowing previews indicated it was special.  But my years […]


Developer: Grasshopper Manufacturer    Publisher: Capcom     Released: July 7, 2005     Genre: Action-Adventure Killer7 is a hard game to get a bead on.  If you survey the internet you’ll see that it garnered mixed reactions.  Once you’ve played it is easy to why; the game is just plain weird.  To tell you the truth I’m not even […]

James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Developer: Electronic Arts     Publisher: Electronic Arts     Released: 2001, 2002     Genre: FPS Electronic Arts first forays into the Bond license were not all that well received.  Tomorrow Never Dies and the PS One version of the World is Not Enough were simply not good games.  So you can imagine expectations were not high for their original […]