Developer: Gau Entertainment     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1993     Genre: Action The Sega Genesis has one of the best gaming libraries of all time. But it did not come easily. While Sega did excellent in the US and were able to garner a lot of western support in Japan it was different. In Japan it was never […]

Road Avenger 002

Road Avenger

Developer: Data East     Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1992     Genre: Action Laserdisc arcade games were always fascinating to watch. The gorgeous animation and sheer spectacle on display were unlike anything else at the time and seemed a generation ahead of what we had at home. Of course once you learn how the games were built some […]

Neugier 001

Neugier – Umi to Kaze no Kōdō

Developer: Wolf Team    Publisher: Telenet Japan    Released: March 26, 1993    Genre: Action Rpg Rpgs were not abundant for most of the 90s and especially during the 16-bit generation. The SNES bucked that trend somewhat and amassed a respectable library of titles in the genre. The action RPG category was especially stacked with […]

Battle Blaze

Developer: Aicom     Publisher: American Sammy     Released: 1993     Genre: FIghting Street Fighter 2 was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the arcade industry. Like Pac-Man and Space Invaders before it Street Fighter 2 spawned a legion of imitators, both in the arcade and at home. Some were great like Fatal Fury and the […]


Developer:SNK     Publisher: Data East     Released: September 22, 1993     Genre: Beat em up I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in an area with multiple Neo Geo MVS units.  If I saw a Neo Geo game in a magazine chances are it would show up somewhere in my neighborhood.  Yet somehow there were still games […]

Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns

Developer: Tiertex     Publisher: U.S. Gold     Released: 1993     Genre: Action Strider was an important release for the Sega Genesis.  As the first 8-meg cartridge it opened the doors for larger games and for its time was a stellar arcade conversion.  It was a popular game, so to see its “sequel” farmed out to a little known […]

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

Developer: Rare    Publisher: Tradewest     Released: June 1993     Genre: Action Battletoads is one of the most infamous NES games of all time.  It has everything you could possibly want in an action game: hard hitting action, varied gameplay, and some of the highest production values on the system.  But that is not why it is remembered.  […]

Rolling Thunder 3

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1993     Genre: Action Namco took an early liking to the Sega Genesis, porting over many of its arcade titles and giving the system a boost early on.  As well as their arcade ports they released exclusive sequels to those same titles on the platform.  Both Splatterhouse 3 and Pac Man […]

Aero Fighters

Aero Fighters is a thoroughly solid game, let’s get that out of the way.  It is also a game that is easy to forget.  At a time when shooters were a dime a dozen it did not exactly stand out.  Yet this long running series is memorable for a number of reasons.  The first are […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Sony Imagesoft     Released: 1993     Genre: Action     Platform: SNES, Genesis Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one of the movie events of the year.  Whether the film itself was worth all of that hype is debatable but I digress.  Like any popular film back then licensed titles would follow and Dracula hit every platform known […]