Developer: Irem     Publisher: ASCII Entertainment     Released: February 28, 1998     Genre: Shooter R-Type is one of the seminal shooters of the 80s and its influence is up there with Gradius in my opinion. As with any popular arcade game of the time it was ported to nearly every format that could handle it, with varying degrees […]

Wipeout XL

Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Psygnosis     Released: September 30, 1996     Genre: Racing The early PlayStation lineup was not very good in retrospect. But one of the bright stars of the Sony’s console debut was Wipeout. With its fantastic graphic design and look it was one of the best looking futuristic racing games on the market. But […]

The Adventures of Little Ralph

Developer: New Corporation    Publisher: New Corporation    Released: June 3, 1999    Genre: Platformer We were all so naïve. As the 16-bit generation declined some of the best 2d platformers of all time were released. While I was sad to say good bye to my SNES and Genesis games like Ristar, Donkey Kong Country […]

Silent Hill

Developer: Team Silent    Publisher: Konami    Released: January 31, 1999    Genre: Survival Horror Resident Evil did not make an immediate splash but when it caught on it basically established the framework of the survival horror genre. Legions of titles would follow but few tried to do their own thing. Konami’s Silent Hill not only went in […]

Dragon Valor 001

Dragon Valor

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: October 16,2000      Genre: Action RPG When the PlayStation RPG explosion hit it hit big. Publishers big and small tried to tap in to this newfound market, with some finding success and others floundering. But the most important fact was that role-playing games were a viable market which made it a […]


Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Psygnosis     Released: November 21, 1995     Genre: Racing     Platform: PlayStation When Sony entered the console market many were skeptical.  If you were around during their publishing days you’ll remember a slew or terrible licensed titles such as the Last Action Hero and Cliffhanger.  Sure every now and again they published a gem […]

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile is one of the most unique RPGs ever released.  It has nothing to do with its setting; plenty of games crib from Norse mythology.  No, Valkyrie Profile innovates by having a unique structure.  It breaks the traditional conventions of the genre while still remaining familiar.  That is not an easy feat to accomplish […]

Klonoa – Door to Phantomile

During the 8 and 16-bit era I’ll admit I did not think too much of Namco.  Not that they weren’t putting out good games, but compared to Capcom and Konami they were low on my priority list.  All that changed with the release of the PlayStation.  In my eyes they seemed to rise to another […]

Hercules 001

Disney’s Hercules

It’s hard to believe now but once upon a time some of the brightest creators in the video game industry devoted their time to making some of the best licensed games around.  Disney games in particular were so amazing they regularly competed for game of the year.  It also helped that the movies they released […]

Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve is one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time.  At a time when Square were rapidly expanding off the back of Final Fantasy VII it was fresh take on the RPG thanks to its setting and theme.  While it was clearly built off the back of FF VII it still managed to […]