Wipeout XL

Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Psygnosis     Released: September 30, 1996     Genre: Racing The early PlayStation lineup was not very good in retrospect. But one of the bright stars of the Sony’s console debut was Wipeout. With its fantastic graphic design and look it was one of the best looking futuristic racing games on the market. But […]

Championship Pro Am

Developer: Rare     Publisher: Tradewest     Released: 1992     Genre: Racing It’s interesting to look back and examine Rare’s 16-bit efforts.  Their work during the latter years of the SNES is now legendary but you would never have expected that based on their earlier titles.  Their Sega Genesis ports were decent but incredibly lazy; seeing what they were […]

Top Gear Rally

Developer: Boss Game Studios    Publisher: Kemco    Released: October 1, 1997    Genre: Racing Top Gear Rally was one of the first Nintendo 64 games announced. When it was finally shown off the first look were beautiful SGI workstation renders. But to those of us who were still teenagers and did not know better we thought that […]

Final Lap Twin

Developer: Namco     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990     Genre: Racing In the long and storied history of the game industry the Car RPG (or Carpg for short) is one of the least explored.  Developers have turned the most unlikely activities into a RPG such as golf, tennis, and even puzzle games.  Yet I can probably count the […]

Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini

Developer: Titus     Publisher: Titus     Released: November 30, 1997     Genre: Racing     Platform: N64 I like racing games as much as the next man but the N64 became oversaturated in year one and only grew worse.  Was it really that easy to create racing games at the time?  I wouldn’t be so harsh if so many during […]


Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Psygnosis     Released: November 21, 1995     Genre: Racing     Platform: PlayStation When Sony entered the console market many were skeptical.  If you were around during their publishing days you’ll remember a slew or terrible licensed titles such as the Last Action Hero and Cliffhanger.  Sure every now and again they published a gem […]

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash has one of the biggest mixed receptions of all time.  Either you love it or hate it.  Trying to bring new ideas to the racing genre is hard, especially for kart racers.  You’re driving around in a circle, how much more do you need?  Nintendo brought some interesting ideas to the […]

R.C. Pro Am

R.C. Pro Am is a strange one when it comes to my memories of it.  I both love and hate the game for numerous reasons.  As one of the first isometric racing games it immediately stood out. R.C. Pro Am nails its premise to a degree not many games managed back then and was a […]

Astro Fang: Super Machine

I adored Rad Racer when I was young but I haven’t revisited it in quite some time.  As much as I love retro games the reality is certain genres are hard to back to.  Fighting games up until the release of Street Fighter II were terrible.  Racing games in particular have always benefited from the […]