Dragon View

Developer: Kemco     Publisher: Kemco     Released: 1994     Genre: Action RPG I’m sure Drakkhen was the first RPG many played on the SNES. Unfortunately as ambitious as it was it was not a good game. I will give the developers credit; heavily PC focused games like that generally did not usually come to consoles. But the interface […]

Neutopia II

Developer: Hudson Soft     Publisher: Hudson Soft     Released: 1992     Genre: Action Rpg Neutopia was a breath of fresh air for Turbo Grafx fans looking for an RPG of some sort early on. Granted its RPG elements were slight but still. While the game was a blatant Zelda clone it was enjoyable despite being so […]

The Guardian Legend

Developer: Compile     Publisher: Broderbund     Released: April 1989     Genre: Action I am sure like legions of children growing up I was not the only one that looked forward to Christmas morning. The promise of a new game was unlike anything in the world and you prayed you got something awesome. I remember Christmas of 1990 like […]

Linkle Liver Story

Developer: Nextech     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1996     Genre: Action Rpg This one is embarrassing for me. I bought Linkle Liver Story back in 2000 as it looked like an interesting title. But after ogling it in Gamefan I have barely put thirty minutes into it in the twenty years I have owned it. It took so […]

Neugier 001

Neugier – Umi to Kaze no Kōdō

Developer: Wolf Team    Publisher: Telenet Japan    Released: March 26, 1993    Genre: Action Rpg Rpgs were not abundant for most of the 90s and especially during the 16-bit generation. The SNES bucked that trend somewhat and amassed a respectable library of titles in the genre. The action RPG category was especially stacked with […]


Developer: Spiral House     Publisher: Infogrames     Released: June 28, 2000    Genre: Action RPG Once upon a time computer RPGs were PC only and Japanese RPGs stayed on consoles, and never shall the two meet. That began to change in the late 90s as Final Fantasy VII made console RPGs extremely popular. Aside from ports […]

Arcus Odyssey

Developer: Wolf Team  Publisher: Renovation     Released: 1991    Genre: Action Gauntlet was a phenomenon in the arcade. As one of the first four-player arcade games the ability to team up with three friends and go on a grand adventure was compelling. And grand it was; with one hundred levels few ever came close to seeing […]

Dungeon Explorer

Developer: Atlus     Publisher: NEC     Released: September 1989    Genre: Action RPG The Turbo Grafx-16 released right when my love affair with RPGs began.  Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star all came out within the same time frame and I was hooked and looked for more. Sadly the Turbo Grafx was not the place to look […]


Developer: Capcom     Publisher: Capcom     Released: 1989     Genre: Action RPG Capcom was one of the most prolific NES developers.  Next to Konami, Sunsoft and Nintendo they also probably have the highest hit ratio in terms of their releases.  And while they tackled licenses of all stripes they mostly shied away from movie arena.  Which is […]

Dragon Valor 001

Dragon Valor

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: October 16,2000      Genre: Action RPG When the PlayStation RPG explosion hit it hit big. Publishers big and small tried to tap in to this newfound market, with some finding success and others floundering. But the most important fact was that role-playing games were a viable market which made it a […]