Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1994     Genre: Rail Shooter I miss the arcade. The experience of playing a game in the arcade that was technically miles ahead of what you had at home was incredible. Obviously that can never happen again but it was pretty cool at the time. Another reason I miss the arcade […]

The Lion King

Developer: Westwood Studios    Publisher Virgin Interactive    Released: 1994    Genre: Platformer For as much as we praise Capcom and Sega for their handling of the Disney license Virgin deserves to be in the conversation as well. During the 16-bit era they released many an excellent game to accompany each Disney animated classic. The work they did […]

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Developer: Capcom     Publisher: Capcom     Released: 1994     Genre: Beat em up The X-Men license did not get off to a good start on the SNES. Spider-Man & the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge was not a good game in spite of its fantastic soundtrack. Wolverine: Adamantium Rage was a middling game that could have been better. I […]

Battle Blaze

Developer: Aicom     Publisher: American Sammy     Released: 1993     Genre: FIghting Street Fighter 2 was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the arcade industry. Like Pac-Man and Space Invaders before it Street Fighter 2 spawned a legion of imitators, both in the arcade and at home. Some were great like Fatal Fury and the […]

R-Type III: the Third Lightning

Developer: Irem    Publisher: Jaleco    Released: 1994     Genre: Shooter I love R-Type III!  R-Type has been one of the best series of shooters for almost three decades and R-Type III continues that fine tradition.  But the series did not have a good start on the SNES.  As much as I liked Super R-Type its technical issues […]

Flinstones Dinosaur Peak 001

The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!

Developer: Taito     Publisher: Taito     Released: 1994     Genre: Plaformer Seriously what was up with Taito and their late NES output?  Taito released some of the finest games on the system in its twilight years that hardly anyone played.  Titles like Kick Master and Little Samson are absolutely incredible and deserve a higher profile.  Then there are […]

Super Punch-Out 001

Super Punch-Out!!

Developer: Nintendo     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: September 14, 1994     Genre: Sports Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is one of the most popular games of all time.  From older gamers to celebrities, every child of the 80’s has either played it or knows of it.  I would even say it has earned classic status.  But how do you follow […]

X-Kalibur 2097

Developer: Fupac     Publisher: Activision     Released: February 1994     Genre: Action      Platform: SNES In the early 90s Activision made a strange push for games that featured techno soundtracks by popular bands.  With the advent of the 16-bit systems it was possible to make pretty good approximations of live music and next to Rock n Roll Racing they […]

Super Metroid

Developer: Nintendo     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: April 18, 1994     Genre: Action-Adventure     Platform: SNES Much has been written about Super Metroid in the decades since its release.  It has been called a classic, a masterpiece, and groundbreaking.  And all of it is true.  It is rare that a game that has attained legendary status can live […]

Fievel goes West

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Developer: Hudson Soft      Publisher: Hudson Soft      Released: 1994      Genre: Platformer      Platform: SNES It is only recently that I’ve noticed the almost complete absence of movie licensed games.  Once a staple of the industry it wasn’t a question of if a movie would receive a video game adaptation but when back in the day.  But with […]