True Lies

Developer: Beam Software    Publisher: Akklaim     Released: 1994     Genre: Action True Lies was one of the best action flicks of 1994 and continued the summer movie streak Arnie had held down for close to a decade. Like all great action movies a video game tie-in was inevitable. But to the dread of many the LJN […]

The Lion King

Developer: Westwood Studios    Publisher Virgin Interactive    Released: 1994    Genre: Platformer For as much as we praise Capcom and Sega for their handling of the Disney license Virgin deserves to be in the conversation as well. During the 16-bit era they released many an excellent game to accompany each Disney animated classic. The work they did […]

Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Developer: Capcom    Publisher: Capcom    Released: 1990    Genre: Platformer Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is an unusual release.  As essentially an advertisement for the Disney World theme parks it should be awful.  Who wants to play a video game about a theme park when they could actually go there in person? Me, that’s who.  […]

The Karate Kid 001

The Karate Kid

Developer: Atlus     Publisher: LJN     Released: 1987     Genre: Action The Karate Kid was a humongous hit in the 80s. For many of us youngins at the time it was our first exposure to karate and we thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Every kid spent hours imitating that ridiculous crane kick in the […]

The Terminator

Developer: Probe Software    Publisher: Virgin Interactive    Released: 1992    Genre: Action You would think the Terminator license would be host to a legion of kick ass run and gun video games. Yet somehow even though multiple developers tried their hand the majority of the Terminator games have been terrible. While Terminator 2 fared better the original […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Developer: Psygnosis     Publisher: Sony Imagesoft     Released: 1993     Genre: Action     Platform: SNES, Genesis Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one of the movie events of the year.  Whether the film itself was worth all of that hype is debatable but I digress.  Like any popular film back then licensed titles would follow and Dracula hit every platform known […]

Die Hard

Developer: Pack-In-Video      Publisher: Activision      Released: 1992      Genre: Action      Platform: NES Licensed video games during the 8-bit era were especially bad.  For every DuckTales or Mission Impossible there were countless pieces of tosh like Rambo or Back to the Future.  I recognized this early on yet for some reason I held out hope that […]

Keith Courage in the Alpha Zones

Developer: Hudson Soft      Publisher: NEC      Released: 1989      Genre: Platformer      Platform: Turbo Grafx-16 New system launches are always an exciting time for video game fans.  The promise of new technology and what it may bring to the games you love is always exciting.  The Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafx-16 launches in 1989 were notable for another […]

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

In the mid-90s Spawn was one of the most popular comics on the market.  It consistently ranked among the top10 Diamond Comics best sellers list for years.  In my opinion Spawn managed to hold on to its popularity longer than its Image comics contemporaries thanks to smart brand management from Todd McFarlane.  Naturally aside from […]


When I look back on my childhood I still can’t believe I was allowed to watch R-rated movies like Predator and the Running Man in the theater.  I guess no one cared about the children in the 80s as we were exposed to all the blood and guts the entertainment industry could muster.  Robocop was […]