Shinobi Legions

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Vik Tokai     Released: 1995     Genre: Action Shinobi III is one of the greatest action games of the 16-bit era. Sega practically mastered the genre with that game and even to this day I still revisit it often. All they had to do to continue that streak in the 32-bit era was take […]

McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure 001

McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure

Developer: Treasure     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1993     Genre: Platformer Gunstar Heroes was an unexpected surprise from Sega and established Treasure as a name to follow. With that in mind however I do not think anyone expected their follow-up to be a licensed title, and a McDonald’s one at that. McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure is a solid […]


Developer: Team Shinobi    Publisher: Tengen     Released: 1989    Genre: Action Shinobi is a great arcade game that drained quarters around the world. I loved it even though I lost plenty of money to its ridiculous difficulty. But it was a Sega game and even back then I knew, Sega and Nintendo don’t mix. Or […]

Linkle Liver Story

Developer: Nextech     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1996     Genre: Action Rpg This one is embarrassing for me. I bought Linkle Liver Story back in 2000 as it looked like an interesting title. But after ogling it in Gamefan I have barely put thirty minutes into it in the twenty years I have owned it. It took so […]


Developer: Gau Entertainment     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1993     Genre: Action The Sega Genesis has one of the best gaming libraries of all time. But it did not come easily. While Sega did excellent in the US and were able to garner a lot of western support in Japan it was different. In Japan it was never […]

Space Harrier

Developer: NEC     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990    Genre: Action Space Harrier was insanely popular in the arcade in the 80s. It is easy to see why, with its fancy Super Scaler tech and art direction. While it was common for popular arcade games to receive home ports Space Harrier was an interesting case. […]

Die Hard Arcade

Developer: Sega AM1     Publisher: Sega     Released: March 1997     Genre: Action The advent of 3d brought many innovations to existing genres. Some like the 2d platformer even evolved, one could even say for the better. But in the march of progress some genres were left behind. I will always lament the loss of the side scrolling […]

Thunder Force III

Developer: Technosoft     Publisher: Technosoft     Released: 1990     Genre: Shooter The Sega Genesis had a small but varied launch lineup. While everyone was fawning over Altered Beast Thunder Force II was the star of the lineup in my opinion. It was an excellent port of the Japanese PC version and a solid game all around. […]

Clockwork Knight 2

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1995     Genre: Platformer Clockwork Knight was a charming game that had an interesting premise that was let down by its rudimentary gameplay. But at the very least it did give new Saturn owners another title that showed off the hardware. Sega were ambitious with the title to the point they […]

James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing

Developer: Taito    Publisher: Sega    Released: 1990     Genre: Sports Ah Sega, you crude bastards. It is no small exaggeration to say that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is still the most popular boxing game of all time. Nintendo absolutely nailed the game’s mechanics and its colorful cast of characters made it instantly memorable and endearing. One can easily […]