Blades of Steel

Developer: Konami     Publisher: Konami     Released: 1988     Genre: Sports Believe it or not Blades of Steel was my introduction to Hockey. Growing up Hockey was not really shown on local television like the NFL or NBA so it always seemed like some foreign sport. Konami’s arcade classic brought the right blend of arcade gameplay with […]


Developer: Data East     Publisher: Data East     Released: 1988     Genre: Platformer During the NES era nearly every publisher had their own mascot.  The mascot phenomenon will always be a strange point in video game history; how and why the industry decided each company’s corporate ideals needed to be embodied in a smarmy furry animal will […]


Developer: Pack-in-Video      Publisher: Acclaim      Released: May 1988      Genre: Action      Platform: NES Rambo for NES is commonly accepted as one of the worst games of all time.  That is a pretty lofty statement.  And you know what?  It is true.  It really is pretty amazing just how badly a game can fail on nearly every conceivable […]

Gun Smoke

I remember my anticipation for Gun Smoke.  It was the winter of 1988 and my best friend received it for Christmas.  Unfortunately a snowstorm meant I was stuck in the house for days waiting eagerly.  It’s not that I had even heard of Gun Smoke before.  It was a new game, which is all that […]

Legendary Wings

Being a young video game fan is torture for many.  For legions of gamers they only receive new games on birthdays or random holidays.  I consider myself fortunate in that regard.  Growing up with a full family still living at home meant we bought new games every few weeks.  But eventually that gravy train stopped […]

Iron Tank

I was not a fan of the NES port of Ikari Warriors.  It was a Micronics hack job that was so slow and brutal that I nearly wrote off the series because of it.  However the one good thing I will say about it is that riding around in the tank was cool.  Apparently SNK […]


When I look back on my childhood I still can’t believe I was allowed to watch R-rated movies like Predator and the Running Man in the theater.  I guess no one cared about the children in the 80s as we were exposed to all the blood and guts the entertainment industry could muster.  Robocop was […]

Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road

Buying new games when you are young is akin to a religious experience.  For most children new games were a rarity, usually relegated to birthdays and the occasional holiday.  Your mind is racing as you consider what game you’ll buy as the world is your oyster.  It makes all sting that much worse when the […]

R.C. Pro Am

R.C. Pro Am is a strange one when it comes to my memories of it.  I both love and hate the game for numerous reasons.  As one of the first isometric racing games it immediately stood out. R.C. Pro Am nails its premise to a degree not many games managed back then and was a […]

Track & Field II

There are few games that have frustrated me as much as Track & Field II.  I absolutely adored the original Track & Field despite its simplicity because it was easy to pick up and play.  At its core it was an old game, as the NES port was an amalgamation of two older arcade games […]