Cotton 2

Developer: Success     Publisher: Success     Released: 1997    Genre Shooter Ah, Cotton, I admire your dedication to destroying my wallet. Cotton, alongside Parodius and Twinbee, is one of the best series of shooters that no one knows in the West. For the lucky few that bought a copy of the original on the Turbo Grafx before […]

Shinobi Legions

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Vik Tokai     Released: 1995     Genre: Action Shinobi III is one of the greatest action games of the 16-bit era. Sega practically mastered the genre with that game and even to this day I still revisit it often. All they had to do to continue that streak in the 32-bit era was take […]

Linkle Liver Story

Developer: Nextech     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1996     Genre: Action Rpg This one is embarrassing for me. I bought Linkle Liver Story back in 2000 as it looked like an interesting title. But after ogling it in Gamefan I have barely put thirty minutes into it in the twenty years I have owned it. It took so […]

Die Hard Arcade

Developer: Sega AM1     Publisher: Sega     Released: March 1997     Genre: Action The advent of 3d brought many innovations to existing genres. Some like the 2d platformer even evolved, one could even say for the better. But in the march of progress some genres were left behind. I will always lament the loss of the side scrolling […]

Clockwork Knight 2

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1995     Genre: Platformer Clockwork Knight was a charming game that had an interesting premise that was let down by its rudimentary gameplay. But at the very least it did give new Saturn owners another title that showed off the hardware. Sega were ambitious with the title to the point they […]

Dragon Force

Developer: Sega     Publisher: Working Designs     Released: November 30, 1996     Genre: Strategy Strategy games have always been my blind spot.  Be it real time strategy or simulation, for the longest time I could not get into the genre.  Maybe it stems from trying to play Shingen the Ruler and Nobunaga’s Ambition without the instruction manual.  Those […]

Legend of Oasis

Developer: Ancient     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1996     Genre: Action Rpg     Platform: Saturn Beyond Oasis was an unexpected surprise at the end of the Genesis’ life.  Action Rpgs were rare on the system so to receive an excellent one so late in its lifespan was welcome.  Not only did it dazzle with stellar art and unique mechanics […]

Burning Rangers

The last days of a console are usually filled with technically impressive games that no one thought possible on the hardware.  From Donkey Kong Country to the Last of Us, some of the best games ever were released in the waning years of successful platforms.  The Saturn was no different as Panzer Dragoon Saga was […]


Heading into the 32-bit generation the future looked bright.  The 2d platformer had been perfected, with some of the best games of all time released at the tail end of the 16-bit era.  I’m sure many like myself thought we would get more games like Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country 2, except prettier.  But […]

Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Developer: Team Andromeda     Publisher: Sega     Released: 1996     Genre: Rail Shooter The early launch of the Saturn was devastating not just for retailers but also for gamers.  Fans were left with few options as most games weren’t ready until the fall.  One of the bright spots of that early period was Panzer Dragoon, a unique take […]