Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1994     Genre: Rail Shooter I miss the arcade. The experience of playing a game in the arcade that was technically miles ahead of what you had at home was incredible. Obviously that can never happen again but it was pretty cool at the time. Another reason I miss the arcade […]

Dragon Valor 001

Dragon Valor

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: October 16,2000      Genre: Action RPG When the PlayStation RPG explosion hit it hit big. Publishers big and small tried to tap in to this newfound market, with some finding success and others floundering. But the most important fact was that role-playing games were a viable market which made it a […]

Rolling Thunder 3

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1993     Genre: Action Namco took an early liking to the Sega Genesis, porting over many of its arcade titles and giving the system a boost early on.  As well as their arcade ports they released exclusive sequels to those same titles on the platform.  Both Splatterhouse 3 and Pac Man […]

Burning Force 001

Burning Force

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1990     Genre: Rail Shooter Space Harrier made a big splash in the arcade with its fancy scaling graphics and riveting gameplay.  Yet it did not spawn as many imitators as you would expect, at least in the US.  In Japan there were countless titles that were, *ahem*, inspired by […]

Final Lap Twin

Developer: Namco     Publisher: NEC     Released: 1990     Genre: Racing In the long and storied history of the game industry the Car RPG (or Carpg for short) is one of the least explored.  Developers have turned the most unlikely activities into a RPG such as golf, tennis, and even puzzle games.  Yet I can probably count the […]

Marvel Land

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1991     Genre: Platformer Namco is not the first name I think of when it comes to platformers.  When I think Namco I think Pac-Man, Tekken, and maybe somewhere down the line Klonoa.  That isn’t a slight against Klonoa either, just an acknowledgement of its obscurity despite how much I like […]

Dragon Saber 001

Dragon Saber

Developer: Namco      Publisher: Namco      Released: 1991      Genre: Shooter      Platform: PC Engine My love of Dragon Spirit is a bit strange, I’ll admit.  Its not that it isn’t a good game, because it is.  But I think I really appreciate it because it is one of the few shooters I completed in the arcade.  The NES […]

Samurai Ghost

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco      Released:1992      Genre: Action      Platform: Turbo Grafx-16 In America the Turbo Grafx-16 had little third party support.  NEC did the best they could but the lion’s share of games for the PC Engine never reached the US.  Curiously one of their few supporters were Namco.  Namco brought all sorts of games to […]

Splatterhouse 3

Splatterhouse is a series that I’ve liked the idea of more than the reality.  Outside of its blood and gore the original Splatterhouse was an average brawler.  The second game was better but was hurt by an incredibly high and unfair difficulty.  For the third game in the series Namco changed up the formula, introducing […]

Star Fox Assault

Developer: Namco     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: February 14, 2005     Genre: Rail Shooter Star Fox Assault should have been one of the easiest home runs possible.  Star Fox 64 remains one of the best rail shooters of all time.  And with Namco and the Ace Combat team at the helm of the follow-up you can blame anyone […]