Donkey Kong Country

Anytime a book about the 16-bit era is written a chapter needs to be written about Donkey Kong Country.  Few games have had the impact that Donkey Kong Country had on its console generation.  Not only did it help extend the SNES lifespan a few years it was also the game that pushed the SNES […]

R.C. Pro Am

R.C. Pro Am is a strange one when it comes to my memories of it.  I both love and hate the game for numerous reasons.  As one of the first isometric racing games it immediately stood out. R.C. Pro Am nails its premise to a degree not many games managed back then and was a […]

Star Fox Assault

Star Fox Assault should have been one of the easiest home runs possible.  Star Fox 64 remains one of the best rail shooters of all time.  And with Namco and the Ace Combat team at the helm of the follow-up you can blame anyone for assuming it would be great.  Somewhere along the line plans […]

Luigi’s Mansion

In 2001 the thought of a Nintendo system launching without a Mario game was ludicrous.  After all, every prior system either had a Mario title packed in or releasing alongside it to great results.  Yet the GameCube did just that.  Sort of.  While it isn’t the Mario game everyone wanted Luigi’s Mansion turned out to […]

Mario Kart 64

The Nintendo 64’s early months were rough.  After a record setting Christmas the reality of the system’s anemic release schedule hit early adopters.  Aside from March 1997 you were getting one new release a month.  If you weren’t interested in that game you were screwed.   Luckily most of its early titles featured robust multiplayer modes […]

Star Fox 64

The early months of the N64 convinced me to never buy a new console near launch ever again.  The release schedule wasn’t just bad, it was dire.  When you can count the number of new games each month on one hand with extra fingers something is wrong.  So why did we put up with it?  […]

Super Mario Kart 003

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart really is an amazing game when you think about it.  With its crude Mode 7 terrain and honestly plodding pace it should fail as a racing game.  But the genius behind its mechanics and design has allowed it to become one of the most popular series in gaming.  We should have seen […]


There were many gimmicky titles released early in the Super Nintendo’s life.  Mode 7 was the new buzzword and everyone shoved it into their games, sometimes haphazardly.  I like Castlevania IV but the game is gratuitous with its special effects and borders on being a tech demo.  However two of its launch titles showed not […]

Illusion of Gaia

I really enjoyed Soul Blazer back when I played it in 1993.  It had an interesting structure compared to the typical action RPGs of the time and was enjoyable because of it.  It was about this time that I became aware of Quintet, its developer.  Their games all had a world building theme and even […]