The Wing of Madoola

Developer: Sunsoft    Publisher: Sunsoft    Released: December 12, 1986    Genre: Adventure It’s interesting to look back and examine the evolution of certain genres. With the advent of home consoles games began to offer deeper experiences in addition to quick arcade action.  The Legend of Zelda and others of its ilk showed that a sprawling […]

Pokemon Snap

Developer: Hal Laboratory    Publisher: Nintendo     Released: June 30, 1999    Genre: Rail Shooter The various Pokemon spinoffs that Nintendo and Game Freak have released over the years have been interesting to say the least. As someone who liked the Gameboy games I did not find Pokemon Stadium very interesting. Sure it was nice to […]

Super Smash Bros.

Developer: HAL Laboratory     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: April 26, 1999     Genre: Fighting There are a number of genres that Nintendo does not usually touch. First person shooters would be one. Fighting games is another. But whenever they do tackle a genre they are not normally comfortable with they do so in a unique way.  When […]

Super Punch-Out 001

Super Punch-Out!!

Developer: Nintendo     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: September 14, 1994     Genre: Sports Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is one of the most popular games of all time.  From older gamers to celebrities, every child of the 80’s has either played it or knows of it.  I would even say it has earned classic status.  But how do you follow […]

Super Metroid

Developer: Nintendo     Publisher: Nintendo     Released: April 18, 1994     Genre: Action-Adventure     Platform: SNES Much has been written about Super Metroid in the decades since its release. It has been called a classic, a masterpiece, and groundbreaking. And all of it is true. It is rare that a game that has attained legendary status can live […]

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash has one of the biggest mixed receptions of all time.  Either you love it or hate it.  Trying to bring new ideas to the racing genre is hard, especially for kart racers.  You’re driving around in a circle, how much more do you need?  Nintendo brought some interesting ideas to the […]

Bomberman 64

The Bomberman series has always been hailed as great because of its raucous multiplayer.  But while the multiplayer antics have kept it in high esteem the single player has been comparatively weak.  Oh there have been entries that have been mildly interesting.  But if you didn’t have a regular group of friends to play the […]

Donkey Kong Country

Anytime a book about the 16-bit era is written a chapter needs to be written about Donkey Kong Country.  Few games have had the impact that Donkey Kong Country had on its console generation.  Not only did it help extend the SNES lifespan a few years it was also the game that pushed the SNES […]

R.C. Pro Am

R.C. Pro Am is a strange one when it comes to my memories of it.  I both love and hate the game for numerous reasons.  As one of the first isometric racing games it immediately stood out. R.C. Pro Am nails its premise to a degree not many games managed back then and was a […]