Developer: Spiral House     Publisher: Infogrames     Released: June 28, 2000    Genre: Action RPG Once upon a time computer RPGs were PC only and Japanese RPGs stayed on consoles, and never shall the two meet. That began to change in the late 90s as Final Fantasy VII made console RPGs extremely popular. Aside from ports […]

Crazy Taxi

For as much as I love arcade games they are not usually my go to.  Most arcade games are refined experiences, built to offer short gameplay sessions that take your money as fast as possible.  And while their home ports give you an opportunity to experience the game without going broke they also expose how […]

Ikaruga 071


I’ve always admired developer Treasure’s ability to inject new mechanics into well-worn genres.  Guardian Heroes was the natural evolution of the beat em up with its branching paths and multiple endings.  Silhouette Mirage added a light/dark mechanic that was tricky at first but incredibly fun to play around with once you got the hang of […]

Power Stone

Capcom were the undisputed master of the 2d fighting game.  But with 3d they were years behind their contemporaries at Sega and Namco.  There stabs at the genre were at times interesting, like Rival Schools.  But the rest were mostly dreadful like Star Gladiator.  I guess making a game with the idea being “it’s like […]

Charge ‘N Blast

I have to say, even though the Dreamcast flame was short lived it burned brightly.  In the three-year period the system had any relevancy in the US it managed to cover most genres pretty well.  One genre that was a bit lacking was the traditional action game.   If you liked light gun games you were […]

Jet Grind Radio 216

Jet Grind Radio

Sega were on fire with the Dreamcast, releasing stunning arcade ports and original titles alike.  There’s something to be said for your creativity being unleashed when your back is against the wall.  And in the year 2000 that described Sega.  With the PlayStation 2 looming as well as the GameCube and Xbox they had to […]

Time Stalkers

Rpgs on the Dreamcast were few and far between, at least in the US.  While I would have loved to play titles like Langrisser Millennium and Sorcerian I knew they wouldn’t be localized.  One of the first Rpgs let alone games announced for Sega’s last console was Time Stalkers.  With long time Sega partner Climax […]

Zombie Revenge

The 16-bit era was a gold mine for quality beat em ups.  From arcade greats like Final Fight to home console exclusives such as Streets of Rage, if you liked fighting in the streets you were well served.  The genre did become a bit over saturated though.  In the move to 3d this once great […]

Cannon Spike

By the late 90s arcades had all but disappeared in my area. While I was content playing console games at the time I did lament their absence. There was nothing like hitting the arcade and seeing a game years more advanced than what was available at home. With arcades disappearing it meant I missed out […]