Cotton 2

Developer: Success     Publisher: Success     Released: 1997    Genre Shooter Ah, Cotton, I admire your dedication to destroying my wallet. Cotton, alongside Parodius and Twinbee, is one of the best series of shooters that no one knows in the West. For the lucky few that bought a copy of the original on the Turbo Grafx before […]


Developer: Zoom     Publisher: Kemco     Released: 1992     Genre: Shooter Whenever Phalanx is brought up in conversation it is always in regard to its box art.  And that’s with good reason.  It is no exaggeration to say that it has one of the top ten worst covers of all time.  It’s up there with Karnaaj Rally, […]

The Guardian Legend

Developer: Compile     Publisher: Broderbund     Released: April 1989     Genre: Action I am sure like legions of children growing up I was not the only one that looked forward to Christmas morning. The promise of a new game was unlike anything in the world and you prayed you got something awesome. I remember Christmas of 1990 like […]


Developer: Irem     Publisher: ASCII Entertainment     Released: February 28, 1998     Genre: Shooter R-Type is one of the seminal shooters of the 80s and its influence is up there with Gradius in my opinion. As with any popular arcade game of the time it was ported to nearly every format that could handle it, with varying degrees […]

Soldier Blade

Developer: Hudson Soft     Publisher: TTI     Released: September 1992     Genre: Shooter To be honest I am amazed I like the soldier series as much as I do. I played Star Soldier on the NES early on and did not think much of it. Star Soldier was bare bones next to Gradius and could not compete […]

True Lies

Developer: Beam Software    Publisher: Akklaim     Released: 1994     Genre: Action True Lies was one of the best action flicks of 1994 and continued the summer movie streak Arnie had held down for close to a decade. Like all great action movies a video game tie-in was inevitable. But to the dread of many the LJN […]


Developer: Hot-B    Publisher: Sage’s Creation     Released: 1990    Genre: Shooter For as much as we craved arcade perfection back in the day it was still pretty interesting to see what changes would be made whenever a game was ported from the arcade.  Most arcade ports to the 2600 were absolute disasters; anyone who […]


Developer: Namco     Publisher: Namco     Released: 1994     Genre: Rail Shooter I miss the arcade. The experience of playing a game in the arcade that was technically miles ahead of what you had at home was incredible. Obviously that can never happen again but it was pretty cool at the time. Another reason I miss the arcade […]

Air Fortress 001

Air Fortress

Developer: HAL Laboratory Inc.     Publisher: HAL America Inc.     Released:     Genre: Action You have to appreciate old video game marketing. Against all odds Air Fortress received a decent amount of marketing, surprising for such a low key release. The commercials painted the game as an action packed extravaganza that you needed to buy now. Anyone who […]

Heavy Unit

Developer: Toho     Publisher: Kaneko    Released: December 26, 1990     Genre: Shooter It really is amazing just how many shooters were released for the Genesis early on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; the system’s fast processor made porting the latest arcade titles easy. It also doesn’t hurt that shooters in general aren’t as complex […]