Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve is one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time.  At a time when Square were rapidly expanding off the back of Final Fantasy VII it was fresh take on the RPG thanks to its setting and theme.  While it was clearly built off the back of FF VII it still managed to […]

Time Stalkers

Rpgs on the Dreamcast were few and far between, at least in the US.  While I would have loved to play titles like Langrisser Millennium and Sorcerian I knew they wouldn’t be localized.  One of the first Rpgs let alone games announced for Sega’s last console was Time Stalkers.  With long time Sega partner Climax […]

Azure Dreams

Konami were on a bit of a hot streak in terms of RPGs on the PlayStation.  Suikoden beat the odds and was successful in 1996 while Vandal Hearts was a nice appetizer before Final Fantasy Tactics.  In the summer of 1998 they followed that up with Azure Dreams, a dungeon crawler.  This particular genre was […]

The Magic of Scheherazade

I never knew what to make of Culture Brain.  Where Capcom and Konami had signature brands everyone associated them with as well as arcade ports Culture Brain were just plain weird.  Many of their titles added vague role playing or fighting game elements that didn’t always work out.  I abhorred Flying Dragon yet had a […]

Parasite Eve

There was a lot of anticipation for Square’s next releases after Final Fantasy VII.  Saga Frontier was interesting but like most of Akitoshi Kawazu’s games was impenetrable to the masses.  The fall of 1998 would see a quartet of higher quality releases thanks to their partnership with Electronic Arts.  Brave Fencer Musashi, Bushido Blade 2, […]

Dream Master

In Japan there were far too many Dragon Quest clones for the Famicom.  I don’t mean games that were inspired by it; I mean titles that aside from slightly different art were virtually identical to Enix’s classic.  It should have been illegal.  So when a game that did something new came along it was notable.  […]

Super Mario Rpg

The concept of a Super Mario RPG doesn’t seem strange now considering the Paper Mario series is a modern day staple.  But at one point even suggesting such a thing would invoke laughter.  Square Enix and Nintendo didn’t seem to care as Super Mario RPG would go on to become one of the best rpgs […]

Sugoro Quest

Sugoro Quest is the type of game that would definitely have been one of my favorites back in the day.  While my friends wouldn’t give awesome titles like the Magic of Scheherezade or Crystalis a chance I was drawn to those games.  Sugoro Quest falls into that category yet is still truly unique within the […]

7th Saga

It was common practice back in the day to make difficulty adjustments when localizing games for western markets.  Games were made a bit more challenging for the US and bumped up even further for Europe.  When done right it can make a game even better.  Mechanics that could be flat out ignored get a chance […]