Spotlight: Valis

The Valis series were some of the first action games I played on the Genesis.  For many old school gamers it was their first introduction to publisher Renovation, who brought many a hidden gem to the US.  The series did not have a great start but got better as it went along, culminating in the excellent fourth game on the PC Engine CD we did not receive.  Nowadays Valis is forgotten, and considering where it went later (which I will not go into) its probably for the better.  I’m here to shine a spotlight on the games and examine their highs and lows.  Stick around and maybe you’ll discover a retro classic you never knew about.


Valis – the Fantasm Soldier

Mugen Senshi Valis

Valis II

Syd of Valis

Valis III

Valis III (Genesis)

Valis IV

Super Valis IV

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